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    Thought I share something with you guys today. I been wanting to get some Duracoating done for the longest time but I just don't have the time, money, and the experience to do so. I watch a lot of Nutnfancy videos on YouTube and I ran into a video about Missionspeccamo. I ended up sending my slide in to get it duracoated because I have been dealing with surface rust and the pistol is almost 30 years old so it was time to make the slide look nice and new again. I don't have much experience but the prices look good with Missionspeccamo. I am not making any money by advertising for Missionspeccammo, I am just a customer. It cost me under $40 to have this duracoat done with shipping to Missionspceccamo.

    Missionspec Camo

    YouTube video:
    YouTube - MISSIONSPECCAMO.COM: "Make Your Gear Awesome" by Nutnfancy

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