WTT OR Misc Stuff: 1911, Colt .44 Magnum, S&W J-Frame, etc

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    Listing a bunch of stuff from the bottom of my safe. I'm open to trading any or all of this for 38/357, .22mag, .45ACP, 30-06 or 12 GA ammo, accessories for a Commander size Colt 1911, a 6" S&W 686, or a S&W-J-frame. Also interested grips and holsters for the above guns, rife scopes, pistol scopes, or ???

    Feel free to make offers via PM. You're welcome to make me a cash offer, but if you email asking "how much" I'll reply with "make me an offer" :) So, lets skip a step and just make me an offer for what you want.

    With a little planning I'm usually available to meet up in Newberg or Wilsonville in the afternoons/evenings. I do make it up to downtown PDX at least weekly, and I can try to meet with folks win town then, but my logistics are often a bit inflexible on those trips.

    Here's the current list -- Items will be deleted as they go, and added as I find more random gun stuff I don't need.

    1) a pair of old military issue 1911 magazines and a canvas pouch for them. They are "period correct" down to the original "collector grade" rust :) I have no idea how well they feed -- they came to me with an old Colt, and I have never used them. Given that they are old GI stuff, they probably work fine.
    2) A millet scope bas for Colt .44 Mag revolvers, as well as possibly some Taurus and S&W wheel guns too. I had it for my old Anaconda, but never used it. It is new in package and comes with screws and tool.
    millet1.jpg millet2.jpg
    3) a pair of like new Pachmayr grips for a S&W J-frame. This is the style with the pinky cutout -- nice recoil absorbing, and pretty comfy. If you feel like your tiny j-frame grips are getting lost in your huge man-hands, these grips were designed for you
    4) Some brushed nickel scope rings. There are the kind with the adjustable nylon scope inserts -- very nice quality. I forgot the brand. Used, but look new.
    5) Nylon Pocket Holster -- universal small pistol holster, should work with most super-compact .380 ACP pistols to prevent printing. It fit my Micro Desert Eagle and also my much larger Browning .380 (never should have traded that one. . .). It has a sticky rubberized panel so the holster stays in your pocket if you yank the gun out.
    6) 2x .44 Magnum speed loaders filled with jacketed soft tip .44 mag bullets. Even comes with a couple bonus bullets for 14 rounds of .44 mag total -- factory Winchester ammo. Speed loaders fit S&W m29/629/etc and Colt Anaconda. Probably fit other .44 magnum revolvers too.
    44_1.jpg 44_2.jpg
    7) 2x 20 round boxes of fancy .380 ACP defensive ammo. This is modern high-tech "high penetration" .380 suitable for carry and defensive use.
    380.jpg 380_2.jpg
    8) one 50 rd box of American Eagle 9mm FMJ target ammo. Forgot I even had this one in my safe -- haven't owned a 9mm in years, since I traded off the last of my Hi-Powers. . . I'm sure someone hereabouts with a wonder-nine actually practices at the range, as opposed to just assuming high-capacaity is a substitute for training and accuracy :)
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    You not make it up to Portland today?

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