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    I have this stuff laying around that I don't need. All prices OBO and trades welcome (I'll list what I'm looking for at the end).

    -Knights Armament Co. vertical grip, came with RAS - $10

    -Blackhawk! CQC belt attatchment - $2

    -No name (military issue) AR15 rear sling attachment plate (loop comes straight out under buffer tube) - $5

    -Glock magazine loaders, one for .45/10mm, one for .357/9mm/.40 - $1ea

    -No name AR15 barrel clamp tri-rail, very solid once tightened down near sight base - $10

    -Factory black plastic Beretta M9 grips - $5

    -Factory plastic Beretta M9 recoil rod - $1 or free with grips

    -Factory Glock 21 recoil rod/spring - $3

    -(2) Factory Glock plastic rear sights - $1 for both

    -Factory Bushmaster AR15 carbine hand guards w/heat shields - $5

    -M4 style hand guards (don't have heat shields or room for them, have weird plastic ribs, but they do not get hot) - $5

    -(7) 2" UTG rail cover sections - $1 for all 7

    -AR15 rear sling point, attaches to normal collapsible stock (with screw) - $3

    -Surefire tape/pressure switch, brand new without package - $25 ($45+ online)

    -Surefire FM63 IR (infrared) filter - $25 ($110 on Surefire's site)

    I will take $50 for it all.

    Trades -

    Glock 23 mag

    AR15 mags (even 5,10,20rd)

    .40, 12ga, and 5.56/.223 ammo
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    I will take the knights vertical grip and a pm sent with questions

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