WTT WA Misc Parts/Stocks-Lee Enfield, Mauser, MAS36, SKS

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    I've got a bunch of parts from an estate a while back, and want to trade for dies, ammo or AR parts.
    Dies I'm looking for - 223/556, 40/10mm, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 458 Socom, 5.7x28mm, 327Mag/32H&R, etc...(let me know what you've got).
    Or ammo- 223/556, 9mm, 9mm Mak, 7.62x54R, etc...(make an offer).

    I can meet in the Longview/Kelso area, or I come into PDX/Vancouver every couple of weeks.

    20181007_125233.jpg 20181007_125245.jpg 20181007_134234.jpg 20181007_125021.jpg 20181007_125047.jpg 20181007_125101.jpg 20181007_132223.jpg 20181007_135218.jpg 20181007_132329.jpg 20181007_130500.jpg 20181007_131904.jpg 20181007_130544.jpg 20181007_135233.jpg 20181007_134836.jpg
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