Misc Items: Old .22 LR mags, 41mag brass, S&W Pistol case, 22 cal cleaning kit.

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by Dyjital, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Picked up a nice lot of stuff (mostly crap) from a friend who needed some peso to make bills. Much of it I tossed as it was garbage, some I already got rid of and a few things I kept (ammo cans! and some old 5.56 ammo).

    Here is the remaining stuff that I have no need for and am not going to rat-hole it in a closet to collect dust.

    Would prefer a FTF so I'm not wasting extra time/money/gas to drive anywhere special for a cheap item

    41 Mag brass. Appears to only have been fired once. No corrosion, brass is clean (but hasn't been cleaned in a tumbler). Unknown of the amount in the bag. Could be 50 to 100. I'm not going to count. Price? Toss me an offer.


    Old cleaning kit.


    .22 LR (or so they appear) mags. Maybe you know what they go to or have been looking for them for years. .... ????
    $5 for all three.. just to cover time of meeting up (fuel)


    Smith & Wesson pistol case. For small pistols. Like... the size that may hold a small .22 like a Beretta 22A pistol. Second photo shows in comparison to my hand. I have an 8" hand span from end of thumb to end of smallest finger when laid out.

    I also have a misc box of odds and ends cleaning brushes that I'll toss in if somebody wants the whole lot of stuff.

    You could pick up everything for $10!!!!
    Email works best: dyjital @ gmail.com

    Better yet...........
    Pay for shipping and make a $10 donation to NWFA and it's yours!! Get the items AND support the site.
    ($11 USPS flat rate box)
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