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    Cleaning up around the house and figuring out what I'm short on for my builds. I ship USPS flat rate priority, price depends on the size. I accept MOs or pp(add4% or personal payment)

    I need:
    Primary Arms mini and micro red dots and reflex sights
    6 flat top scope mounts , not looking for $200 mounts, PA/Nikon/Burris etc, Need both 30mm and 1"
    AK stuff for converting a Saiga (fcg and handguard retainer)/MI AK handguard
    5.45x39/.40/7.62x39 ammo
    economy priced quality handguns in 9mm/40/45

    I have:

    5xNIW Mecgar Sig 226 9mm 20ound AFC mags $30/ea
    like new ( unfired,new to the best of my memory) Sig P220 .22L conversion kit $230


    2 steel Ceiner factory 10 round AR22 magazines, $25 shipped. Good shape, I assume used but Ive never used them
    4 unopened HK 416 mags asking $160 shipped( no ban states please)
    2 used Promag Uzi/AR9mm mags for a project that never went anywhere $35 shipped for the pair
    3 unopened greasegun mags $25 ea
    4 opened with light insertion marks $25 ea
    The gg mags are new production from keepshooting.com and some CavArms lowers need some minor modification to the GG magwell width to use them.

    ARMs 40 $75 TRADED
    Tango Down Vert grips OD and FDE $40 ea.
    TDI vert grip tan $15
    SOG Armory rubber vert grip $15
    Tri-rail 3/4" scope riser $15
    Tapco 1" scope riser $15
    DPMS Tri rail optics ready upper (stripped) $50
    A2 upper ( keyhole forge) no fwd assist or EPort cover $65
    front sight bases with bayo lugs, no sights $10 ea
    Aimpoint gooseneck mount for carry handle $20
    Youngs Manufacturing pistol length railed free float handguard $65
    YHM 2 piece drop in carbine rails, storage wear $100
    YHM double railed gasblock 9390 $50
    Like new Hahn GreaseGun mag block for CavArms lowers $50
    New Hahn GreaseGun mag block for CavArms lowers $60

    used 1911 .38 super barrel $35

    2 hammers, buncha grip safeties, 1 thumb safety, 1 slide release, some series 80 parts, recoil spring guide stuff etc etc, $40 for all, won't split it up,SOLD


    Green buttstock and wide handguard with bipod. A previous owner added a rail to the handguard, appears to be bolted and epoxied in place. Both the stock and forend have some small scuffs and handling marks and dents on them, not perfect but serviceable. Navy lower cleaning kit insert. $150

    Port buffer $20 SPF

    Cleaning rod guide for HK/PTR 91 rifles $15 ( no idea who made this or where it originally came from). SPF

    Fed Ord M1 receiver, out of spec, and well used HRA barrel, $140 FOR BOTH. Both have issues, "sold as is"

    2x HKS #36 5 shot speedloaders $15/pr SPF
    12x Ranch 9mm moonclips for revolvers $15/all
    Hogue wrap around 1911 grips $10
    thin Para P14 plstic/rubber wrap around grips $10
    1911 45acp slides $110 ea (stainless SA & parked Para USA)
    plastic Israeli Glock scope mount $15
    Glock ATS pyramid sight set $50

    Harrison Designs Hard Use LPA replacement $50 http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/7139/1911sights2.png
    JPE Bomar Cut double ring sight set http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/117/1911sights.png
    Heine serrated rear sight $20
    Ruger P94 ( ?) grips $5
    Llama grips $10
    Hogue square butt S&W grip $5 no screw/stirrup
    Pachmeyr round butt grip $5 no screw


    used Surefire P113C for non railed Sig 220(fits 226s) $150
    like new (gunshop demo) Surefire M510 for AR15 rifles/dissapators $250
    like new (ggunshop demo) Surefire 620T for Rem. 1100/1187 shotguns $300
    Lasermax unimax red pulsing laser for pistols $120


    Leapers SKS scope mount/receiver cover w/4x32 scope $30
    M1 Carbine wood handguard $10
    plastic AK to Ar15 stock adapter $15
    Chinese Remington 1100 clone stock set , stock is cracked/chipped, $15
    870 forends , black sporter and bright green speedfeed $10 ea
    870 black synthetic buttstock with rem pad $15
    Choate +2 mag extension (no spring) $15
    A1 buttstock shell, no tube or buttpad etc, scratched $5
    CavArms Grey rifle handguards $10
    M14 upper handguards, cracked/chipped $15 all 3, great for a retro project?


    KAC RAS- in good overall shape. The receiver bolt wasn't included and I've talked to KAC about getting a new one, I expect to have the bolt in hand by the end of next week. Asking $300 shipped

    Vltor Socom rail system. In good overall shape with some scuffs. I picked this up off the EE a few years ago and it sat unused on my scout ever since. The previous owner did some grinding inside for some added clearance and cut off the riveted side rails and added bolt on rails. Looks fine on the exterior, but its had some surgery if you turn it over, Asking $220 shipped

    Samson STAR-C (Stag Arms marked) carbine free float forend $150

    Weaver qwik-point, oldschool red dot like an OEG $20
    new steel AR15 5.5" flash hider $20
    Ak style muzzle break, uses set screws, fits a HBAR Ar15 barrel, like a post ban Oly, no set screws $5
    car15 slip on pads $5 ea

    Knoxx stock that could stand to be refinished for a project that I never started. Came with 3 rails on the forend, no idea if the rails are aftermarket or knoxx or what. Its "as is" the way I bought it. $100 Firm SOLD

    22 KAC bipod/sling studs (PN 97030) for $5/ea
  2. NWRed

    Puyallup for now

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    Edited and prices reduced on some items.
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