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    Ive got the following ammo... buy it.... offer trades for 7.62x39 ammo, a nice AK QD scope mount... Offer anything!

    1 Box/50 Remington High Velocity .45LC 250gr LRN

    4 boxes/20 Norma .30Carbine 110gr RN SP

    10rnds Remington 7mm RemMag SP

    22rnds LC .30carbine RN SP

    8rnds Winchester .357mag JHP
    5rnds Remington .357mag LRN
    1rnd Blazer .357mag JHP

    3rnds Winchester .38spl FMJ
    4rnds Remington .38spl LRN
    3rnds Win? .38spl +P JSWC

    5rnds WW .38S&W LRN

    1rnd CCI .22lr MiniMag :laugh:

    There ya go! All or nothing though... meet up anywhere between Hazel Dell and Hayden Island!

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