Misc Ammo. Cheap because I'm lazy.

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    Over the years I have accumulated/ inherited ammo in calibers that I no longer need.
    This is all factory ammo, and all appears shootable (I disposed of any rounds I thought were questionable),
    but its all pretty old. A small percentage could be considered "self defense" rounds, but I wouldn't want to get hit by any of it. Selling cheap because I don't want it, and I don't want to sort through it by grain weight and post individual listings.
    I much prefer to sell it all in one package. Buy it all, and I'll throw in a really crappy metal tool box and some nicer plastic, caliber-specific sorting boxes for storage.
    Here we go...
    .38 Special...some old stuff and some better stuff. 220 rounds
    .38 +P...185 rounds (not bad)
    .357...85 rounds (some decent stuff)
    .308...100 rounds (pretty nice)
    .30-06...105 rounds
    12 GA (mostly 4, 6, and 7.5 shot)...85 rounds

    Sold Pending Funds
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