Misc. Ammo (9mm, .357Sig, .38 special, .380) toward Glock 26/33

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    Hi folks,

    I have the following Ammo for all or part trade towards a Glock 26.

    9mm - 500 Rnds CCI Blaser (10 boxes @ 50rnds / box)
    .380 - 79 Rnds Federal Hydra-shok 90gr. (4boxes @ 20 rnds / box less 1 rnd)
    .38 Special - 20 rnds Cor Bon +P+ LHP w/ 2 bianchi speed strips
    .357 SIG - 38 Rnds Cor-bon pow'r'ball, 2 Speer JHP, 14 TMJ target rnds (winchester)

    Let me know what you have and we'll go from there. I have WADL and CPL, paperwork is ok.
    If you offer me a G33 then im going to negotiate at least 1 mag worth of .357SIG ammo to keep. :)

    I took pictures, can message them to you, hit me up at 253-970-six five eight nine.

    Thanks and have a safe one

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