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    At the Medford Gun Show a couple weeks ago I picked up a magazine marked as a Mak-90 magazine with a yellow follower, thinking it would work for an AK-type rifle. I should have looked closer as it appears to actually be for a Mini-30, at least from what I can tell. I paid $35 for it even though it had a little bit of rust on one side (shouldn't affect function) and would sell it for that or trade for ammo or reloading components (looking for pretty much most common calibers so let me know what you have) or a common magazine such as as AK, Tapco SKS, Mini-14, Galil, etc. High capacity mags for Mini-30's are getting hard to find so I thought I'd list it here for someone who has a Mini-30 (I do not). Stamped "USA Mag" on the bottom.

    Looks like this one:

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