Mini-14, stainless factory folder, scope and rings

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    I bought this wonderful rifle from a local gun shop. Very clean, I've never fired it. It's a stainless Ruger Mini-14--my third Mini-14 and by far my best--with a 3x-9x Burris scope and rings, flash suppressor, a thirty-round mag, a twenty-round mag, etcetera, etcetera...

    This is a rare rifle. I've not seen more than a couple of these in the last twenty years.

    $1000 OBO (the magic number is something under $1000, yeah you know what I'm saying.) Bring your Oregon CHL or similar identification to prove to me that I won't be reading about this rifle in the news...

    Don't want to wait for my email? Call me at (503) 348-1066 before Sunday.

    Upon review, I'm guessing it's the GB-F model, or "paramilitary." No automatic fire selector obviously, but a government model nonetheless. Saw one in a 2010 online posting for $1200. Serial number is 187-6xxxx.

    Mini14 Burris 3x-9x.jpg

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