Milt Sparks for a 3'' 1911...

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by YFZsandrider, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Couldn't figure out where else to post this, so here it goes...

    I have a 3'' 1911(Kimber Ultra) that I plan on making my every day carry. I have a Mitch Rosen on order, but I am seriously considering getting a Milt Sparks VM 2 as well, if nothing else, for comparison. I can always sell the one I don't want.

    Question is, is there anyone who has a VM 2 for a 3'' 1911 that they wouldn't mind letting me take a look at. Just wondering if its worth the 6 month wait.:(

    Thanks! Feel free to PM me.
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    I don't own a VMII so I can't speak to that specific holster, but I do have a Milt Sparks Axiom for my Dan Wesson CBOB and I love it. Also a PMK for my SP101. They are worth the wait.

    One word of warning. They are tough to break in. When I first got my Axiom I just jammed my Commander in it and I thought I would never get it back out. They are TIGHT when you first get them. I ended up wrapping three freezer bags around the pistol, jamming it in the holster, and leaving it that way for a week periodically taking it out and checking it and making multiple draws. When it finally did break in it was great. It is an open top holster, but it is tight enough to offer good retention and still be easy to draw.
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    There is no doubt the Milt Sparks is worth the wait.

    The VMII is a great holster, but as YFZsandrider points out they are a little stiff to start.

    When I was ordering my VMII, I ordered 2 or 3. For multiple guns, even for one I wasn't going to be planning to purchase for a year.

    I visited the site while I was in Idaho. Small place, but nice people.

    I toss in, I did get a Crossbreed holster to get me through until my Milt Sparks showed up. Once it showed up, I never wore the Crossbreed again.

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