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    Though I would test the waters and see if anyone is interested in these. I have about 300 of these I would like to get rid of. They are used milk crates and yes I know what you are thinking, Did he get all of these between 1am and 3am out behing the grocery store? No I did not, I picked up about 500 of these a few years ago and I am keeping the balance for myself. They are 12"x12"x10.5" deep inside measurments. Colors vary, black, green, gray, blue etc.
    Work great in your shop, garage or house for storage as they stack really nice. I use a lot of them to stack hay
    on in my barn to keep it up off the floor. I looked them up this week at they normally sell for $ 12/ea with a discount for quantity.
    They can be picked up in Tigard or if you want a large quantity I may be able to deliver,

    $ 5/ea

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