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Military History Channels?


One of the things I often do is listen to various lectures, symposiums, talks, etc. on military history. Particularly when the workday is a slow one, it is mentally stimulating while otherwise doing uninteresting work.

Are there any Youtube channels, presenters, organizations, etc., that one could recommend along these lines? The eras I'm most interested in the conflicts in the interwar period (e.g., invasion of Abyssinia, the Spanish Civil War, the The Second Sino-Japanese War, etc.), the Second World War, and the Cold War. (Though I am interested in most history, military or otherwise.)

Thanks much. :)


Not a "Channel" but a book...( Sorry )
The "What If" series....edited by Robert Cowley.
Historians take on the question of : What If..?
Like What if Harold won the battle of Hastings...?
What if we went to war over the Berlin Wall in 1962...?

The series tackles many different times and eras....well worth reading.


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