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MIL/LEO Discounts

Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by 3030shooter, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. 3030shooter

    3030shooter Oregon New Member

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    I searched but couldn't find anything, I thought it might be nice making a list of places that offer price breaks for military and law enforcement officers in the area. Feel free to add places you know of, and I also didn't ask about LEO discounts while I was shopping just MIL.

    Dicks, 10% off any regular priced firearms
    Sports Wholesalers, 5% off firearms
    Big 5 and Bimart don't offer anything
  2. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    Wholesale sports 5% discount for mil.on all purchases
    Cabellas - same
  3. seattlewingsfan

    seattlewingsfan Lakewood, Washington, United States Member

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    Half the guns at the "Marksman" are in a military-Leo showcase because the guns are priced different. The discount varies quite a bit depending on manufacturer. Glock for example offers better pricing than say Springfield.
  4. Matt45

    Matt45 SE SPOKANE COUNTY New Member

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    19% off, AT&T wireless. Call and speak to service rep or provide ID/DD214 at point of sale.
    Home Depot- 10%, year round
    Lowes- 10%, with ID or DD214, 10% all the time
    $100 Rebate from Sig-Sauer Ask an Auth'd Dealer.
    Glock LE and mil price avail. Inquire at any Auth'd Dealer
    Finish Line Sporting Goods, 10% at retail locations with ID
    Surefire 25% discount on call-in orders SureFire Flashlights & Tactical Lights
    Arbys 50% off in uniform
    Jack In The Box 8% off
    Quiznos subs 10% off
    LA Police Gear 10% off use coupon code "military"
    Sears Portrait Studios, 20% off
    Greyhound 10% off fares must purchase ticket at depot, present current ID
    Apple Computer and Dell special pricing
    Bass Pro Shops A 10% military DISCOUNT is offered at retail store locations only, and has a metric bubblegumton of rules:
    This DISCOUNT is valid beginning the 15th of each month and runs one (1) week.
    This DISCOUNT is available to any military personnel with a valid military identification card (this includes retired military personnel).
    The 10% DISCOUNT excludes: reels, electronics, firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, scopes, bows, arrows, taxidermy, gift cards, Tracker boats, Mercury motors, ATV's, catalog/internet sales, restaurant food and drinks and temporarily marked down items.
    This DISCOUNT applies to items that are currently in stock and on hand. No rain checks or special orders.

    There's another big list of discounts @ military.com Go there for a look.