Long story short I have a little SBR I want to dress up as an Mk.18 and I want to buy a quad rail for it. My budget is around $150-ish. I have been looking at Troy and MI but not sure which one makes a better stand-in for the KAC RAS. I'm open to other brands as well. I'm not an operator and this will not be used in a life and death situation. But I don't want to buy a UTG or something I can't sell/trade in a pinch.

Before you say "KAC RAS", I have a KAC RAS on my M16A4 clone and I know they are the best (or whatever) but KAC RAS are not available and I don't want to drop $300 on a used one anyway. Seems like the good surplus KAC RAS vanished years ago. The last one I bought looked like it was hit by an IED.

Many thanks in advance


Can't speak for rails, but the sights I've purchased from both companies are top notch. Between the two companies I do know that Troy parts have been used in combat. Don't know about Midwest or if it even matters.


I have a Troy M-LOK on my mid-length AR that I built. The rail I bought uses a standard barrel nut and I also bought a set of Troy flip up battle sights as well. No complaints on the quality of the Troy items I have bought,

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