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I've done a little research on the Micro Desert Eagle.380 and wanted to know anymore info, preferably first-hand, or not. Just your thoughts would be nice before i put cash on the table, thanks. :woot:

BTW it will be for pocket carry.
A bit heavier than a LCP. much higher quality than any Kel-Tec.

DAO pull isn't bad, nor is recoil.

You won't notice either if and when you have to use it.

Marschal grips make it even better.This pair is for sale.
I'm keeping my other two.

The gun could only be better if actually made by CZUB.

Anyone out there own a Desert Micro .380 Eagle?


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American Rifleman did a review of 380 ACP pistols in Feb 2010 that you might want to look at. Of nine different .380 ACP pistols tested only one had no problems with jamming during range tests, and that was the Rohrbach which cost over $1100! The Micro Desert Eagle was one of the guns tested. The reviewer was Wiley Clapp a very experienced gun writer. His comments on the Micro were that it was too small to get a good grip on, its shiny finish made picking up the tiny sights difficult in the sunlight, a very heavy trigger pull, sharp perceived recoil, and it exhibited both feeding and chambering malfunctions during testing.....all of which made it a challenging gun to shoot, not to mention it lacked reliability. In a sidebar to the main article Clapp discussed how disconcerting it was that most all the guns tested had problems with jamming. A buddy of mine recently asked me what .380 I would recommend and after I told him I wouldn't recommend any, I told him if I absolutly had to pick one it would be a Sig P232, Walther PPK or Browning BDA. But these guns are big and bulky enough that I would just as soon go with one of the smaller 9mm guns. Anyway hope this helps.
Thanks for the info Clarkston and Zeppelin! :s0155: I kind of figured there would be conflicting reactions to this pistol since it's a small "mouse" type gun. I guess i'll have to read a lil more before I decide.

Clarkston you said these 2 are for sale, how much? I prefer the wood grips BTW. Nice emamples! Do you find any :s0155:FTF or FTE problems with yours?
Hi guys,

No FTE or any problems to date with mine in around 130 round so far.

.380 ammo is hard to find an expensive here , or I'd shoot it more.

This tiny gun might not be for everyone, but I surely like it so much, that
I'm going to buy a blued one, too!
Email me if you want more info on the grips.


Kevin in Clarkston, Wa.
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I like and trust mine enough to carry everyday. I have put about 250 down it and never had a problem. The wife has a LCP but I prefer the Micro and the wife actually likes this one also. The trigger isnt really all that bad on it, just like with all things it takes some getting used to.
Good Day; Everyone has their favorites and this is what keeps the manufacturers on their toes looking at ways to one up the competition! I personally own a Sig P-230 which I dearly love but, I have a DE-Micro for CC that I take with me daily. It has functioned flawlessly with all ammo I have put through it so far. I liked it so much I bought a second one for the Wife!
I have also just made a purchase of a Sphinx AT 380 M which I have been looking for for quite a while. I will let you know what I think about it later.
After reading your guys reviews and others online, Ive decided that I'll be in the market for one. I'll have to wait til next month and get it for my bday present. :yes: Unless I find one for an awesome price. In the meantime I'll carry my NAA Guardian 380, another fine "mouse gun".

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