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MEGA Machine Shop single stage trigger, long term review.

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by bnr32gtr, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    While at SHOT in January, I had the chance to hang out with Larry, Brian and a couple other guys from MEGA. During our talks about new products, I mentioned how I'd like to try out one of their new MMS-1 triggers.

    About a week after SHOT when I was running errands up in Olympia, I stopped in to MEGA to catch up with the boys. I mentioned the trigger and Brian was kind enough to lend me one of the pre-production models.

    Upon returning home, I promptly selected my favorite lower, which happens to be a MEGA done lower for Kenco Arms, LLC. Installed are an RRA parts kit, KNS anti-rotation pins, Tango Down Battle grip, Magpul Moe trigger guard, Colt 4 position receiver extension, Gear Sector SPRE-R sling plate and a Vltor Modstock.

    One thing with this trigger... the selector must be removed before the MMS-1 can be installed. Not a big deal in all reality. I completed the install in about 10 minutes(the KNS pins slow things down a lot) all on one of my 10"x10" AR15 stands. Adjustments are made via allen wrench and the instructions are very, very well put together.

    I removed all the over travel from the trigger as recommended by the directions and did completed some dry practice with my thumb stopping the hammer before it hit the receiver.

    Immediate observations:

    1: Huge reduction in take up. I like two stage triggers fine but they tend to be less reliable than single stage units as there are more parts to break. The reduction in take up was very welcome as this lower will be used on several calibers.

    2: Improved feel. Feeling when the shot is going to break with a standard trigger is possible but when one is focusing on the target and trying to predict the break, things become complicated. This trigger is very easy to predict and does not throw the shot.

    3: Reduced weight. I do not have a trigger pull gauge but will do some weighted tests later tonight. I'm guessing the pull to be around a very smooth 5 lbs. I'm actually one who likes heavy triggers on defensive/battle guns but this is very pleasant and not too light at all.

    4: Ease of adjustment. Simply cycle the action, engage the safety, push out the rear take down pin, tip the barrel down, and insert the correct allen key. No disassembly required. When done, lower the upper receiver, lock in the pin and you're ready to go.

    5: Lack of over-travel. This is a big deal for me. For doing hammer drills and quick follow up shots, staying in the reset is essential. This trigger has no over travel! It is truly amazing! The speed at which shots could be made absolutely shocked me.

    Shooting impressions: All of the above were great at the range. I did not have to make any adjustments when I got to my favorite shooting spot on Sunday. All I did was click on my .22 upper, load some mags and shoot away. There were no malfunctions associated with the trigger(Spike's uppers suck).

    My ability to pull the trigger as fast as I could was an absolute blast. The standard trigger could never perform like this. Now all I need to do is swap this into my 9mm lower and have some fun! I am extremely impressed at the lack of movement required to activate the trigger.

    Here are some pics and two videos taken by my girlfriend(yes, you read that right) on Sunday. I asked her what she wanted to do for Valentine's Day and she said, "take me shooting". Pretty cool, huh!?

    We only put about 250 rounds through it the first time around but since V-Day, I've run another 400+ through with no failures due to the trigger. Screws are still tight, adjustment is still dead on and I'm a HAPPY camper. Now if I could only talk them out of a modular upper!

    Pricing will be around $95 for the black trigger and $110 for the silver one. A great value as I've tried many single stage triggers that cost up to $100 more and feel the same. I'd like to get my hands on a Giselle DMR to test side by side if anyone has one and would like to come shooting with me this weekend, please let me know.

    One more thing, I LOVE THIS TRIGGER!


  2. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    WOW!! I completely forgot about this thread!

    Well, it's December and the trigger is still going strong. I ran the trigger under or in the following guns:

    - 5.45x39 upper for about 300 rounds(added a heavier hammer spring,

    - My .22 upper for about 2k rounds,

    - Dropped it into my 9mm pistol build and ran close to 1k rounds of everything I could find,

    - It's been under my 7.62x39 for close to 600 rounds,

    - I also put over 1k of 5.56 through my old 5.56 upper during the last weekend of August attending Dave Harrington's Integrated Weapons Course down in Albany.

    There have been zero malfunctions attributed to the trigger and it just keeps getting better and better. I've had over 30 people try the trigger and only one said he preferred a 2 stage, which is pretty cool to hear.

    I purchased a Rock River NM 2 stage earlier this year and discovered that after shooting my MEGA trigger, I really much prefer single stage triggers.

    Hopefully when my shoulder gets better I can go shooting again and continue to test this awesome trigger.

    If you've been considering a trigger for your AR, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the MEGA Machine single stage! :thumbup:
  3. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    Who's the creepy guy in the video? hehe I gotta get one for my 45acp AR!
  4. wsu 5.9er

    wsu 5.9er Spanaway WA Member

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    How well did it work with the 5.45 and the heavier hammer spring?
  5. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    It worked great! I liked how it still gave a nice clean break and was still plenty light as I used the standard cut trigger spring and a TTI heavy hammer spring. No Fail To Fires after swapping hammer springs, plenty before doing so.

    I continue to run this with the .22 and 7.62x39 uppers and it performs so nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the Mega folks at SHOT in a couple weeks to see some other cool stuff they're coming out with. Now if I could just talk Mike, Lane and Larry out of a monolithic upper...