Mega Machine make good AR15's?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by ThemGunsThough, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Hi all, I have been AR15-less for almost a year now, after getting rid of my DPMS Panther A2 Tactical. A few days ago, I traded a member on here my Springfield 1911 + cash for his AR15 made by Mega Machines. From what I have researched, Mega Machines is associated with Mega Arms. I'm assuming this was a build using a Mega Machines upper and Mega Machines lower since I couldn't find any complete AR15's from Mega Machine. Does anyone have any experiences with Mega Machines? If so, are they a good buy? Any in put is gladly appreciated, thanks.
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    You should ask questions before you buy...with that said, Mega is not a AR manufacturer but they do manufacture some very high quality components for AR's. The following is their website: Mega Arms :: Component Catalog
    I saw the AR that you traded for in the Rifle & Shotgun Classifieds and I believe it had a Mega upper and Mega lower with some quality components but the advertisement didn't specify what mfgr. brand barrel they used on the build. Knowing the barrel mfgr. might be important, or not, depending on what kind of accuracy you are looking for. With the information provided on the advertisement, it looks like a good buy. Let us know how it shoots after you make the trade.

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