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I just got an e-mail with Pedersen about the new silencer bill. I told him I wanted to meet with him in February after I returned from the east coast, but he wants to meet in January. I need to find someone who can meet with him and discuss the bill. It will be a short simple one on one (or two on one) meeting at a public place. I met him at a Starbucks in Seattle. It would be a good idea to meet with him as soon as possible after the new silencer use bill is posted on the WA Access website.

All you need to do is discuss the reasons why we need this bill passed, and who supports it.

Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS). At first they were going to take a neutral position, but last week they e-mailed me and send they were going to actually support the bill. I guess they realized that they need a real law that allows them to use their police department issued silencers instead of depending on the county prosecuting attorneys to not press charges.

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). They have decided to take a neutral stance on registered silencer use.

Cease Fire Washington. They have decided to take a neutral stance on registered silencer use. The head of the organization says he has the ear of Senator Kline. I hope he does and that this stance means something to the Senator.

I have copies of e-mails from WACOPS and WASPC stating their positions. I have not been able to get anything from Cease Fire WA yet.

Washington State gun dealers, I need letters of support to bring with to the meeting. While mailing (not e-mail) them directly to Pedersen’s office can help, it is best if they are put directly into his hand. It would be especially helpful if we could get letters from our class 3 FFL/SOT’s that actually deal in silencers. It is your small business that will benefit most from passage of a silencer use bill.

Another reason to support the bill. RCW 9.41.250(c) bans the use of any device that suppresses firearm noise, no matter it if is attached to the gun or not. I have an e-mail from the Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney stating this position. I am still awaiting an opinion from the WA AG; one of my representatives is going to write to him.

What the WA ban on firearm suppression means is that anything used to reduce noise at a rifle range is illegal. Things like shooting boxes, enclosed shooting positions, down range baffles and berms are potential legal liabilities for any WA rifle range that uses them. I know that some of these devices are currently in use now in WA, but given the current political climate, the shooters at the range run the risk (a remote risk) of being charged with a gross misdemeanor just for shooting their guns on that range.

I have a summary of Washington state crime associated with silencer use. This is another good thing to show to Pedersen. A printout of the bill showing that it does not have a fiscal note is a good thing to have. No fiscal note means it costs the state nothing to implement the law if it is passed. The only money the state spends on the law is getting it passed in the legislature.

If anyone is interested in a meeting with Pedersen, please discuss it here or in a PM. Myself, 8ball and Luftpost have met him and the meetings went well for the most part. Pedersen and Kline are very popular legislators as far as I know, so they have to be treated with respect during a meeting, even if you find yourself disagreeing with what they say. That is something that is very likely to happen, especially if you are to meet with Kline.

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