Meeting with Kline and Pedersen.

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    After the election results are in, I want to set up appointments for face to face meetings with Senator Kline and Representative Pedersen. I have met with Pedersen in the past and am certain he will meet with me again, but I am not so sure about Kline. I am assuming that they will be the Judiciary chairmen, but if not, I will have to make appointments with the new ones if selected.

    Is there anyone here that is willing to ask Kline for a meeting and bring me along? I plan on showing them the neutral positions that WASPC, WACOPS and CeaseFire WA are taking on registered silencer use. I will also show them the mostly negative data I have on crimes associated with silencer use in WA and the letter from the Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney telling me that any device used to lower gun noise is illegal.

    I will try to make an appointment with Kline myself, but the latest e-mails we exchanged were not entirely friendly. Anyone out there want to take one for the team? :)


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