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    Hi guys,

    I know some of you missed the meet and greet with John Kuzmanich (congressional candidate district 1), So I would like to invite you to an up close and personal meeting this Wednesday night.

    This small informal venue will hold less than 30 people so its a good chance to really talk with a future congressman one on one. This is a free event done solely for you to meet someone who may influence your future lives.

    Despite being related to former senator Hatfield, John is not, nor has ever been a politician. He owns a mortgage lending business in Beaverton.

    He recently captured a mugger in Beaverton mano o mano reflecting his philosophy of "attacking the problem", and not backing down to adversity.

    John will be there to introduce himself between 6:30 and 8 PM at a small business located directly across Cornelius Pass rd (east of) from and facing to Kohl's dept store in Hillsboro, 1 mile south of hwy 26. Look for the sign that says "GUNS"

    OUR future is in OUR hands if we choose to make a difference. I really hope to see some of you there. We are grass seeds right now, growing roots, but we need help getting the word out. I think once you have met John, your word of mouth will help get him elected. That's what this meeting is about, simply to get a grasp of what he is about.

    PLEASE, come and meet John, Its only 1.5 hours out of your life that could affect thousands of lives.


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