Medical Alert necklace, bracelet, etc. Looking for info.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Starship, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Having some major surgery on the 30th. After it's all over I've been advised I should wear a medical alert device. Just wondering what others are using??

    Looked at the MedicAlert and like it. Like the idea of something emt's are trained to look for and one 800 phone call gets them in touch with medical trained personnel who have all my medical data.

    Also, looked at Key2Life. All med info on handy USB type bracelet, necklace, and other items. Worried somewhat if I lose it. Does have security so only certain items are seen by emt's (if they have computer handy, another worry) and need password to see other info.

    Soooo, what are others using and recommend (or not). Thanks for any info this is somewhat new to me.
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    I wear something like that from time to time. After looking at the costs for folks like MedicAlert, I looked for other alternatives. A friend turned me on to RoadID. It was originally developed for runners, bicyclists, etc., but many have turned to them for basic medical use too. They are relatively inexpensive compared to Medic Alert and they are spotted by EMT's, etc., just like MedicAlert. I'd recommend checking them out. I've had mine for about 3 years now. We even got one for our daughter when we're traveling in case she gets lost, it has our contact information available to police, etc.
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    Being a diabetic for 18 yrs and doing construction work for a living, I went thru numerous necklaces, dog tags, and bracelets. After 400$ in purchases I had a medical id tattooed on my left forearm. Emt's check neck pulse then left wrist is what I was told. Works for me and looks good. Guess I would not recommend if situation is temporary. Good luck
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    The bracelet is good. First place an EMT/Para Medic/Dr will look for is that or a neck chain.
    It is stamped right there and no computer needed. Forget the USB stuff. If you are taking something like blood thinner the last thing you want is for someone to OD you with more of it......... just an example.
    The bracelets are damned strong if you don't get a cheapo one.
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    Lauren's Hope has quite a few different styles:

    Check out the Tech ID with your info available via QR code.

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