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Media Fails To Recognize And Mocks Navy Seals

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by erudne, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. erudne

    erudne The Pie Matrix PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing?

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    Media Fails To Recognize And Mocks Navy Seals Supporting Gov. Perry Screen-Shot-2015-06-04-at-2.55.54-PM-550x385.png

    Via ABC:
    Rick Perry’s speech wasn’t the only part of his presidential announcement that had people talking today.
    Many viewers were distracted by the burly male twins standing behind him, flanking him on either side.
    At first it appeared that they may have just been lucky members of the crowd who happened to have snagged key podium spots behind the former Texas governor, but Perry eventually introduced him in his speech.
    Marcus and Morgan Luttrell are Texan brothers and Navy SEALs. Marcus Luttrell is best known for his book “Lone Survivor,” which was later turned into a movie. It documents a mission in Afghanistan where he was the only one of four SEALs to survive a mission.
    Today marked Perry’s second run for president and he chose to join the crowded field with a kick off speech highlighting his time in the air force (with the selection of venue: an airfield) and his special guests.
    In addition to the Luttrell brothers, Taya Kyle, the widow of famed ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle, was also in attendance.
    But every liberal media pundit, and I mean every one, had no idea who Marcus Luttrell was. Not only that, but several mocked the men. If it had been Caitlyn Jenner, it would have been no problem.
    Washington Correspondent for GQ, founder of Wonkette:
    Former MSNBCer on show with Al Sharpton:
    Vice President of Media Matters:
    Editor at Think Progress:
    Editor of The Nation:
    Idiot ‘opposition researcher’ who peeked thru keyholes to spy on Mitt Romney:
  2. rick49

    rick49 Lewis Well-Known Member

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    I'm not a fan of Gov. Perry but a huge fan of the Navy Seals. The media who posted are in my humble opinion Dirt Bags of the highest degree and not worth the sweat on those Seals private parts.
  3. Capn Jack

    Capn Jack Wet-Stern Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Few will stoop any lower than an O'Bummer booster.:(
  4. edslhead

    edslhead Vanc Platinum Supporter Platinum Supporter Gold Supporter Silver Supporter

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    Social media makes some fools very brave.
  5. Classic

    Classic Federal Way WA Well-Known Member

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    Fixed it for ya

    The whole thing makes me sick:mad:
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