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As many have seen in other threads, the anti-gun bills that continue to demonize legal gun ownership are coming. It is time to step-up and get active.

First up? Just found out a few minutes ago that in Medford, a public "march for our lives" forum is meeting at 5:30pm TODAY, January 11th.

If you live in the area, spread the word. Even if you cannot make it yourself, someone else might be able to take action. But they can only take action if they have the information. Show up and represent our side!

March For Our Lives Meeting
· Hosted by March For Our Lives- Medford, Oregon

Note: Please share not just these types of events, but town halls as well. Communication is the first step in organizing and resisting.
Sure, I'll represent our side today! If I just do a drive-by honking while simultaneously flipping them all the bird does that count as representation?

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