WTS OR MEC Reloaders: Grabber and Steel Master

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    IMAG0521_zps9f02ecff.jpg I have two 12 ga shotgun shell reloaders for sale. I also have some reloading supplies to go with these loaders.

    Loader 1: MEC Sizemaster single stage 2-3/4 - 3" capable. Has universal charging bar.

    Loader 2: MEC Grabber 8765N Progressive stage 2 3/4" only. Has upgraded handle, universal charging bar, and automatic primer feeder.

    I also have some supplies that are included:
    Left over powder - Blue Dot, Green Dot, Red Dot and others
    Plastic wads probably 500 to 1000 of various types - SAM 1 for sure though
    Steel and lead shot in small amounts and varying sizes #3,#1, #BB,#BBB Steel, #6 lead?
    Reloading manual - One general overall manual - some steel specific manuals
    Powder scale
    Small supply of primers
    3-4 buckets of high desired shotgun hull for reloading - Gold medal, Activ, various Reinhauser,
    Winchester AA/Peters Blue magic

    The loaders alone would cost you 600$ brand new.
    Sizemaster http://goo.gl/kMJelu

    These loaders are used, but in good working condition. You will need to by some replacement hopper bottles (8-10$).They will need some sprucing and adjusting to get them dialed in. I used to load steel shot, hevi-shot, and my own 12ga poppers for dog training. I don't have the time to make it worth it anymore. This is a great chance to get nearly everything you need to start reloading TODAY!

    I'll get photos posted in the next couple of days.

    Prefer to sell everything together as a package. $450

    Would consider trading for: Glock .40 or 9mm (no babies), a utility trailer, pole saw, chain saw (stihl, husky, or echo only), backpack blower, drill press, ATV tires, paintball field netting, large batter assisted chemical sprayer.

    Contact Nick: txt or email work best 5039104165
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    "Tuesday at 9:35 AM"
    "I'll get photos posted in the next couple of days"

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