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I need to buy an electric meat grinder. My immediate need is to grind up cooked beans of a very beefy-flavored variety I've bred so I can experiment with making it into burgers and sausage. The beans are small, so I probably need to be able to grind fairly fine or they will go right through whole. But I don't really know what size grind I'll need, so versatility matters. Seems to me I need pretty much the same sort of grinder that's needed to make hamburger or sausage out of beef or game. Price matters too. I'd prefer to stay under $150 if possible.

Any advice? What do you recommend or not recommend and why?
Good grinders are expensive and some of the best are older Hobarts and the like. If it were me......I'd probably look into getting an older used one. A lot of people only use them a couple times a year so they last a while.

There's always the Kitchen Aid attachment, it works but it's really a small batch grinder. They can do a lot, it just takes a while.
I'll second the cabelas grinder. I bought one a couple months ago and used it for the first time on Sunday. Ground 325 lbs of antelope with no problem. Cabelas has different size grinding plates.
We've processed many elk and cows (mooo) through our kitchenaid attachment. My larger kitchenaid chews through it faster than my dads 25 year old machine that's ¼ the power.

Great investment if you already have a kitchenaid.
Well I used to use one of these everyday but it may be over kill and you need 440v...... grinder.png

I use something like this for deer every year works very well and have been using for at least the last 12 years....... prod_2323181512?hei=245&wid=245&op_sharpen=1&qlt=85.jpg

I used a kitchen mixer attachment for a few years but it didn't work as well. Just make sure the auger is metal and not plastic.

I would use 3/16" or 1/8" for your plan. Maybe do an initial grind of 3/16 then add spices/flavorings and do a final grind of 1/8.

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