Meanwhile over in Knife Rights land

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RicInOR, Apr 29, 2015.

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    The knife manufacturer's designation of "army" indicates it is an assault knife and as such has no place in the hands of a civilian.:s0123:
    They need to pass a law making knives that can have more than 7 tools in their "magazine" illegal :s0123:

    :s0025:California needs to protect it's citizens by banning all assault knives with high capacity handle accessory magazines.
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    Now waitjustadamnminnit,...

    The state of Kalifornia wants to outlaw a pocket carried implement with a corkscrew on it?
    Has anyone told the rich folks in Napa and Sonoma counties about this?
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    SIR, are you NOT aware, the the County of Mendocino Also produces WINE?

    To Point, they have the ~Distinct~ Honor, of creating the First Solar Powered Winery! It is in plain view on the highway that they call "OneOHWonderfull" and there are many others near it.

    I find your disregard of Mendocino to be utterly Improper....

    Please stand in the corner for Fifteen Minutes and repeat' "I have been Admonished, & Stand corrected"...

    In other news of the Day, Govenor MoonBeam has declared a State of Emergency for the Four err Three??? WINE Counties, do to a lack of Cork Screws formerly carried in the pockets of Boy Scouts, as a "Help your Elders" part of the "We're Scouts and are here to help Merit Badge".

    The Govenor has flown to Switzerland, to seek help in creating a new Swiss Technology for the little boys.... It is unknown, if Govenor Moonbeam flew on an Airplane or just used his Nancy Reagan Frequent Flier miles....

    philip ..... (For those to young to remember Mrs. Reagan, as a Former First Lady who lived in the White House, her famous program of Just say "No" to drugs caused a lot of people to Save up on their Frequent trips called "Flying" High...) :confused:
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