McSally is now McRINO: Supports Gun Ban

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    McSally is now McRINO: Supports Gun Ban
    Unless ThinkProgress is lying, here’s what happened:
    A political campaign ad that led some media outlets to describe Gabby Giffords as a “mean” and “ruthless attack dog” convinced a Republican congressional nominee on Tuesday to support reforms that prohibit convicted stalkers from owning guns.
    A spokesperson for Republican Martha McSally, who is running for the Congressional seat Giffords held before she was shot in the head in 2011, confirmed to the Huffington Post that McSally now supports legislation that would prohibit all people convicted of misdemeanor stalking “from obtaining guns in other states where stalking can also be a misdemeanor.” Currently, federal law prohibits some individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse from obtaining firearms but only nine states bar those convicted of misdemeanor stalking from owning a gun.
    Why not support the rights of victims to get guns? Don’t be an idiot, McSally, if you’re going to act like a Democrat, why should anyone vote for you? Democrats don’t vote for RINO’s, they vote for Democrats. Republicans don’t vote for RINO’s, they stay home.

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