Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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    Here is some good info about our favorite billionaire anti gun Mayor Bloomberg and his "anti-gun croonies" two of which are here in Oregon. Not to name names but Kitty Piercy Mayor of Eugene and Sam Adams Portlands Mayor are the only two mayors in our great state that support this loonatic and his wolf in sheeps skin organization. Make no mistake these people want our guns and and our gun rights taken away no matter what lies they hide behind. Google: and in the search box type "mayors against illegal guns" and you will find a ton of info on these crepes. One of my favorite articles is entitled "Bloombergs Phantom Mayors". If You are like me after I read this article in November I sat down and wrote Kitty a nice little letter which still has had no a responce and she still appears to be a member. Let me know how you feel and dont forget to write your Mayor!

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