Maybe Time To Write Letters Again - Here are some addresses if you don't have them

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    I think it’s time to make a push to write letters again. Really I don’t know how much it helps, but for me if I didn’t try I would always wonder. Maybe that sounds hokey to some of you more hardcore people out there. Okay, I can live with that. I try to send an automated letter each day and then write some legislator every other day. That’s just me. Each person has to decide what will work for them and then just do it.
    Here are the auto-generated letters which will at least fill up the e-mail incoming boxes of the Legislators:

    NRA-ILA | Write Your Reps

    Ruger (5.32 million letters sent so far)
    Ruger - Protect Your Rights

    email : Webview : Protect Your Rights

    Washington State District and National Representatives

    Harry Reid
    Contact Senator Reid

    John Boehner
    Contact the Speaker |

    Five pro-gun Democratic Senators who wouldn’t cave to Feinstein. Yea I know it may have been politics, but I still wrote each and thanked them. (Highlight the word “Email”, then hit your control key and enter to go to their site)

    Sen. Begich: (877) 501 – 6275 Email Senator Begich - Contact - U.S. Senator for Alaska, Mark Begich

    Sen. Tester: (866) 554-4403 Email Senator Tester | Jon Tester | U.S. Senator for Montana

    Sen. Baucus: (800) 332-6106 Contact Max | Max Baucus | U.S. Senator from Montana

    Sen. Heitkamp: (800) 223-4457 Senator Heidi Heitkamp

    Sen. Manchin: (202)224-3954 Senator Manchin, U.S. Senator for West Virginia

    I understand that we may give it everything we have and still pay a price and then these will be the words we will need to fall back on – MOLON LABE
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    Was just about to suggest this myself. I think some people might think it's over, I didn't hear any fat lady sing yet.
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    Nice links. I need to call more.

    And yes... IT ISN'T OVER. We are just in a brief intermission until Easter... So if your not going to write or call, take the time to see if you cannot recruit/educate some others to follow-up and tell them that for every phone-call I think it counts for something like 1,000 voters at the federal level.

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