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Mausers & ammo packages; CZ-75 9mm, Glock 19 Lasermax, 5.7x28mm brass, etc.

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by AR_PSYCHO, Mar 10, 2013.


    AR_PSYCHO Beaverton Active Member

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    I recently realized two things:

    1.) I have too many guns.
    2.) I don't have enough guns that I want.

    I'm working the gunbroker.com trying to get me a Sig 556 SWAT 2013 ambi mag release version, and a Remington 12ga Versamax Tactical. I'd like to sell a few things so I don't have to put myself in credit card debt. Here's what I have up for sale. Everything if FTF in SW Portland.

    Yugo Mauser M48A 8mm. Built like a tank, way more robust than a standard K98, and comes with the cleaning rod. The barrel is perfect and the whole thing looks virtually new. I have not shot this myself, I got in in trade. There will be ammo included with this rifle. See below.

    I also have a BNZ-41 K98 Mauser 8mm that is drilled and tapped for a scope mount. Included is a Redfield scope mount. Muzzle has been recrowned, and I think the barrel looks excellent; near as nice as the Yugo Mauser barrel above. I have not shot this myself, it just sits in the safe as my WWII poor man sniper reproduction project. The bolt has been modified to accept a scope, so add a vintage scope and shoot! There will be ammo included with this rifle. See below.

    The Mausers also come with brass case berdan primed Yugo (I think) ammoz. I don't remember exactly how many rounds there are, somewhere around 750+ (I purchased this as a lot just under 1k rds). There are two red carry bags; I tried to even them out as much as possible, but I'm not counting every single round. One bag has some on stripper clips, and the other is loose. Also have 20rds 170gr Core Lokt Remmy and 20rds vintage 174gr soft point. The ammo WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY without the purchase of a Mauser. I'm not getting stuck with rifles w/o ammo.

    Here's the breakdown: Your choice of either Mauser rifle, your choice of either red bag of 8mm milsurp ammo, and your choice of either 20rds of hunting ammo. $500 each. First come, first serve in choice. No you cannot buy one rifle and all the ammo, because like I said, I'm not getting stuck with a rifle and no ammo. If you wanna buy everything, I'll let it go for $920 cash.

    One good condition CZ-75 pre-B in 9mm. Comes with one 16rd magazine. Bought on an impulse since I thought I wouldn't be able to get a CZ-P01 for less than full retard prices, but then I did the very next day (doh!). There is some bluing wear as this is a used gun, but the trigger pull is extremely smooth and it will be a great shooter. I have not shot this. Yours for $460.

    Glock 19 Lasermax guide rod laser. Pretty awesome, carried it on my CCW. Comes with some new parts as well. Asking $240obo.

    10rds of Federal 35 Remington good hunting ammo, barrel mounted bipod, and a boonie hat. Your choice $10.

    Size medium kevlar flak vest. Yours for $50obo.

    TD VFG $30. No name carry handle mount $15.

    An ammo can partially full of 5.7x28mm brass. Yours for $30.

    My trade interests include:

    Ruger 77/22 22lr bolt action
    Sig 556 SWAT 2013 mfg or 551A1
    Remington Versamax Tactical 12ga
    Springfield TRP 1911
    HK USP Var. 1 9mm
    Stoeger Cougar 9mm
    Streamlight TLR-1's
    ammo 5.56, 308, 9mm, 22lr

    What else you got?

    I may add some cash on my end if necessary. Thanks for looking.

  2. ruggdogg87

    ruggdogg87 Tigard Active Member

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    Your welcome for the P01! Lol. If I had a need for another 9mm I'd pick that CZ up in a heartbeat. Hope everything sells quickly for you.
  3. JV100

    JV100 portland/wilsonville Active Member

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    500 each for the mauser's? wow. Jeez man. That's way to high. Good luck....
  4. Awmish

    Awmish Oregon City, OR Member

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    Are the Mausers still up for grabs?