WTS OR Mauser Sporter Barrel & Stock

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    Bought this a while ago, as I had lots of Mauser actions laying around and thought I wanted a .35 whelen.

    Turns out I do want a .35 whelen, but not in a Mauser. Decided to use a Springfield instead. So the barrel and stock are up for grabs.

    The barrel is a threaded and short chambered in .35 Whelen. It’s a Brownells or MidwaysUSA special. Think I paid about $140 shipped. I’ve installed several in different calibers and been happy with them. All you will need to finish this is an action wrench, barrel vice, and a hand reamer set-up.

    The stock is a semi-inlet stock. Has decent but subtle figure over most of the stock. It is a straight comb with a pancake cheek piece. It is not near a drop in fit. It will take work to get the barreled action inletted and a bit less work to finish the shaping and sanding.

    Definitely in the realm of the home shop, but will take someone willing to put in the time.

    Looking for $225 o.b.o. in person. If you want me to ship it, it will be extra.

    7E089D57-7558-4FB5-B357-DC564C6C2108.jpeg 9C0DC613-C129-4555-BB82-AB7537254617.jpeg
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