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Any clue

The eagle is very ww1 looking

1000007771.jpg 1000007774.jpg 1000007773.jpg 1000007769.jpg 1000007779.jpg
Rabbit Hole, Meet Rabbit!

Gonna Need better pictures, especially what may be under the scope to know for sure! It's a KAR-98 possably a J.P. Sauer and Sons. by the markings on the left side of the receiver, the proof house markings i'm not familiar with, then there is the Sanskrit markings, which might make it a capture rifle, possibly Tunisian! What Caliber is it?
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This Danzig one actually says Kar Rather than funny letter symbols, But if you click that link that has all the pix it has similar proof marks so its a WW1 service rifle. scope mount covers the manufacture and year.

Bergische Stahlindustrie is what the BSI means

hind sight it just looks the like the letters didn't get stamped well and not all the A was pressed into it and the R is sloppy the K is messed up but its clearly the K

,my picture has a better eagle tho and the same proof stamps as an Erfurt one but I think that has more to who it was issued to and their approval of it
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That is an older Erfut and a Gewehr rather than the Carbine These pictures are from that those links including that Dazig one that actually Says Kar98 instead of K barely an A and the R looks more like an X
Your picture is neat because the W and R look like xxy

If you start looking at period accurate German Cursive it makes more sense

The Kar were getting made later so even tho that's 1777 this one is 1729 of a different model 12 years later
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Calling @MountainBear !!!
If the Bear doesn't know, its unknowable! ;)
I don't know about all that. Sorry to be late to the party. Took me a while to find my reference guides. I guess I will just parrot what others have said. WWI production Kar98.

This is what my books said. I recommend both these texts if Mausers interest you, as well as the Kuhnhausen manual…

My assumption is that like most German guns, it had quite the travels after its initial German service. I cannot find my markings manual at the moment (still unpacking two years later), so the proof marks I won't be helpful with.

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