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    serial number is a 461 or L n like 46ln or 461n and its a k 98 german mauser.... It has the eagle in tack and is in good condition. i found it at a guys place in the country and wants to sell it... I am not sure on these older guns but it is a nice looking peice of history. can anyone help me out with finding out how much it is worth or any thing that might be able to help me in the right direction .... wuold love to get it. i have heard of some going for 100$ and up to 1700... so not knowing anything i am reaching out for knowledge thanks...

    i was told the little eagle thing being in good condition means alot?

    and the k 98 series is pretty good as well.
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    As with any used gun, check the bore, check the safety (three positions on M98k), cycle the action, and see if the owner would object to having a knowledgeable person inspect it.
    As far as price, they can vary just as you suspected, I would guess that an average German 98k mauser, with some of it's blue left (50-70%), and a military stock(minor scuffs & dings,w/possible stock repairs) would be in the neighborhood of $300-$400 bucks, of course specials markings could bring a premium price, but I'm no collector and would not be able to identify such markings.
    here's a couple of pics. that one sold for $500 due to all matching numbers, would have sold for more if the stock was full length w/hardware.
    42-1940 001.jpg 42-1940 003.jpg 42-1940 005.jpg 42-1940 013.jpg

    42-1940 022.jpg

    42-1940 001.jpg

    42-1940 003.jpg

    42-1940 005.jpg

    42-1940 013.jpg
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