MATCO Master Fuel Injection Kit, brand new. Part#: MFI6550, New, never used.

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    Just listed this on CL. Brand spankin' new. Will consider trades for guns but no drop guns, or SKS's, please.

    Brand new, never used, MATCO Master Fuel Injection Kit for import and domestic vehicles. I'll post pics tonight of the actual kit, if the CL ad is not enough.

    I purchased this when I was an automotive tech a couple years back and never used it as I got out of the business shortly after.

    From the MATCO website, second one down from top:돏

    * Tests gasoline fuel injection systems on most GM's including TBI and Ford, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.
    * Diagnose fuel-related problems, such as a weak fuel pump or restricted fuel filter, and perform leak-down tests.
    * Works on most European and Asian import vehicles and can be used to test CIS, CISE, AFI, EFI and MFI fuel injection systems.
    * Kit includes 0?100 PSI fuel pressure gauge and 35 of the most popular fuel injection adapters, each equipped with a quick-connect schrader valve for safety.
    * It is recommended the you use cleaner FU7000A only for this unit.

    Part#: MFI6550 Price: $481.05


    CL link:

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