Masuer Action Rifle ... Who made ???? see pictures

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by shotgun, Oct 24, 2014.

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    DSC03734 (800x345).jpg I have a Masuer Action Rifle in 25-06 ... Really nice gun , but I don't know ... Who made ???? and what it is worth ? What do you guys think ???

    Thanks Doug

    DSC03736 (800x479).jpg

    DSC03738 (800x401).jpg

    DSC03746 (800x600).jpg

    DSC03742 (800x273).jpg
  2. Jamie6.5

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    It's a sporterized Argentine '09 mil-surp, Unless the builder signed/stamped it somewhere, there's no way to know.
    If it has a decent barrel and trigger on it it should be worth somewhere north of $400. The stock looks decent, if a little plain, and it appears they did a nice job on the bolt handle.

    The Argies were some of the smoothest actions of all the mil-surps IMO.
  3. nextgenar

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    Looks like a standard argentine mauser action made in germany for the argentine government originally chambered in the 7.65 argentine caliber. It's a bery strong very smooth action nice rifle.
  4. MountainBear

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    The action, as stated above, is a good solid action, having been made by DWM in Berlin. Outside of the Swedish mausers, the DWM Berlin and Oberndorf actions are some of my favorite. The bolt looks well blended and the replacement safety looks to be older as well. This looks pretty typical of a 70's era sporter. The 1909 Argentine would have still been readily available, and the .25-06 was standardized in the late 60's. The swell on the pistol grip was pretty popular back then. I've owned several rifles of that era and end up having to reshape that as my hands are too big.

    The bottom metal alone on that rifle is worth north of $100. It is one of the few military mausers made with a hinged floor plate, and was/is popular with custom builders because of that. The whole of the rifle together I would probably value right around $400 without the scope or rings. The .25-06 is still a pretty popular caliber, so it wouldn't take much to find interested parties.

    As Jamie stated, unless you had a build sheet or the builder signed the barrel channel on the stock or marked the metal somewhere, no telling which gunsmith made it.

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