Mass Shooting - 1915

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    KILLS FIVE, WOUNDS 20, AND IS HIMSELF SLAIN; Crazed by Real Estate Losses, Georgian Runs Amuck -- Citizen's Shot Ends Reign of Terror. KILLS 5, WOUNDS 20, IS HIMSELF SLAIN

    Angered by losses in a real estate deal, Monroe Phillips, a lead business man, ran amuck today with an automatic shotgun and killed five men and wounded twenty others before he himself was killed. Phillips was shot dead by E.C. Butts, a lawyer, while he was trying to fire upon citizens who appeared in the street.
    Shortly before noon Phillips, carrying a double-barreled shotgun, walked into the offices of Mr. Dunwoody [the business associate who apparently caused Phillips to lose a substantial amount of money]. He fired both barrels into the attorney’s head. The slayer then walked downstairs to the street, where several citizens, attracted by the shots, had gathered. Phillips fired into the crowd, killing L.C. Padgett. He then began shooting into a crowd of men who had collected on the opposite side of the street, wounding several and killing Georgie W. Asbell.
    People began running to shelter. Phillips reloaded his gun as he walked to the corner of Newcastle and Gloucester Streets and took up his station in front of a drug store, where he began shooting at every person who appeared on the street. Several persons standing blocks away were struck by stray shots. William H. Hackett was killed as he stepped from a building into the street.
    Presently Policeman Deaver came running up to the scene and began shooting at Phillips, who turned his gun upon the officer and shot him dead. A bullet from the policeman’s revolver, however, wounded Phillips.
    Mr. Butts, who had been struck by a shot from Phillip’s gun, rushed to a hardware store and obtained a pistol. He began firing at the crazed timber dealer. A bullet from the lawyer’s pistol finally struck Phillips and he fell to the sidewalk, dying within a few minutes.

    If you bring this bit of history up as an argument to an anti gun guy he'll just focus on if strict laws on gun ownership were put into place starting then, by now none of this would still be happening.
    Never mind recent mass knife attacks and bombings or the fact that other Countries still would have made guns and people would have got their hands on them regardless over the years.

    Only an evil Orwellian Police State would be able to control the manufacturing, distribution and use of firearms by the Citizenry to the extent these fools want. Even then the weapons would still be on the streets. The only difference is the State controlled press wouldn't let it be public knowledge.
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