Mass murder not in the news?

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    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was rocked recently with a mass homicide. On Wednesday night, a brutal savage decided to end the lives of five people — his parents and three siblings. Sadly, this horrific crime isn’t being blasted all over mainstream media and there’s a good reason. The coverage of this horrendous act is being eclipsed by the shooting and killing of two women in a Louisiana movie theater, and the reason is simple.

    The motive is still unknown, and police are still looking into the reasons why the 18 year-old viciously stabbed his family to death. That’s right. That’s why you haven’t heard about it. No one seems to care that a guy stabbed five of his family members to death. There’s no call to regulate knives, nor is there public outcry against those that make knives as a hobby. Now that’s strange isn’t it? It’s odd that there are mass homicides that don’t involve guns, and according to the media knives are not a problem, yet guns are.

    Robert Bever is accused of the murders, and his 16 year-old brother is also being held in custody for the time being.

    The deaths of two women in a movie theater were met with screams from the left to disarm all Americans because a gun killed the ladies. Now, we have an incident where a knife killed five people, and for some odd reason the left is silent.

    Perhaps it’s time to step up and stop being hypocrites, democrats. Maybe someday you all can understand that blaming a gun is like blaming the knife in this case, and if you can’t pay equal attention to the stories because of the murder weapon used, then you are a hypocrite.

    Full article and the perps picture are at:
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    I don't know about not being covered. I saw this story reported several times both on the local news as well as on NBC Nightly news. But I do agree, it won't get the kind of attention that the shooting will, it simply doesn't help to further their anti-gun bias.
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    I saw a lot of coverage online. Don't have a TV.

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