Marysville Rifle Club

Discussion in 'Washington Business Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Marysville Rifle club is an okay place, the times I have gone there were so-so. Normally whenever I go there with my Dad and a friend, we use the "50-yard" sight-in range. It's not the best place to shoot, too dark. And one day when my Dad and some other people were shooting, I fired up an old 6.5x55mm Swedish Sporter rifle. Everyone was wowed by it's massive report. I was having fun until someone form an adjacent range came over and decided to tell us "what". I was upset that I couldn't shoot because someone was annoyed by a rifle report, He was shooting a 7mm Mag, and my 6.5x55mm was "Too Loud". I know things like shouldn't stop me, but I am not going back if I can't fire my surplus rifle in peace.

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