Marysville Rifle Club IPSC 101 Class -- May 8/16

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    Marysville Rifle Club is hosting an "IPSC 101" class for any new shooter
    who presently doesn't have a USPSA Safety Check card or who isn't
    presently approved to shoot USPSA matches and is interested in this
    fast-paced style of practical shooting. Upon successful completion of
    this class, you'll be ready to compete in any local practical-shooting
    competition. The class will consist of roughly 7 hours of class/range
    work (Saturday May 8, 10AM to 5PM with a lunch break. Lunch/drinks
    provided) followed by personalized coaching through your first practical
    shooting match to be held the following Sunday at MRC (Sunday May 16,
    10AM to 3PM). Barring any severe safety infractions (DQ's) Sunday, the
    students will be given their safety check cards. The cost of the class
    is $75 (which also covers your match fee for Sundays match).

    To register for the class (or for more information), please contact me
    at Class size is strictly limited to 10
    students. For more information about practical shooting, please visit
    the USPSA's website at

    USPSA Safety Check Topics Covered:
    1) Range Safety
    2) Range Commands
    3) USPSA Rules
    4) Equipment
    5) USPSA Scoring
    6) USPSA Divisions
    7) Live Fire Student Skills Demonstration

    The above covers the basics of a USPSA "Safety Check". Depending on
    available time...we may also cover the following elements of practical

    A) Strong Hand/Weak Hand Shooting
    B) Facing Uprange Starts (turn/draw)
    C) Movement into/out of boxes
    D) Shooting on the Move
    E) Reloading on the Move
    F) Gun on Table Start Positions
    G) Drawing to a kneeling or prone position.
    H) Discussion on what you can learn from Hit Factors
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    At this time...we only have 3 openings remaining for this if you (or someone you know) is interested....act quick. When the class fills, I will start putting people on a "standby" list in the event that someone drops out.

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