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Just seen it on FB, due to medical situations Mary’s will be closing it’s doors soon (TBA). It is a sad day as not only was this a fantastic and well loved location (bought my first pistol here). It also leaves only one gun store in Tacoma.

That is unfortunate for the owners and all the customers in the area. If its established with a positive customer base, it might be a good option for someone* out of work looking to run their own business. I am sure the current owners would prefer to see it continue on vrs close it all up. They might even carry financing for a new owner with limited cash since they could “sell” all the current inventory at once this way. Lots of business transfer/sold for just the inventory value or % of that value. The add value for the new owner is instant customers since its an established location and all the established wholesale accounts with vendors under the current FFL. I already own a business but if an established well liked FFL in my area was closing due to owners retiring out vrs ran it into the ground, I would strongly consider it. Just tossing this suggestion out there for someone in that area.

*NOTE: Owning your own business sounds “fun” but it does come with real work. One has to be ready to put the hours in, then more and work a 2nd job if needed until the biz cash flows enough to pay you. If you have no small biz background take advantage of your local resources to help you. SCORE and SBA are two of the best FREE resources. 20% of new biz fail in first year and 50% will not make it to 5yrs. #1 reason is lack of funding (aka ran out of $) But this is usually due to no planning at all and not knowing how to watch your #s. Only way I made it was just busting my bubblegum until I learned how to use the resources to learn.


Hopefully the other business in Tacoma is looking hard for a new location just outside city limits. The city council may have delayed their gun taxes for the moment, but they'll be back with that as soon as possible. I'm guessing a lot of things will be delayed until just after the election, especially anything involved with raising taxes to cover the deficit.
Sad that this couple run business is going through these life changing heath issues. :(
I hope there is a family member that can take it over.
Prayers going out to the entire family.
Last Edited:
Sad situation. I hope their health improves.

As for the other FFL, they are supposedly going to Montana at the start of the year.


Never bought anything there but always stopped in. Sad to hear that Tacoma is down to one gun store. Which one is left? I recall Bullseye and Welchers, and I noticed on my last trip that SAA had moved a couple miles north. Loved Welchers for its old-school vibe. I stopped in Bullseye at least once I week since I was catching the bus/train into Seattle daily. Last I heard, my train store in Proctor went belly-up too. Ah, I do miss Tacoma even though I'm back home now. Thanks for indulging my ramble.
This is sad news. I don't live too far from this shop and they were always very good to me. It was sad a while back when they lost their big dog that would greet everyone when they came in the store. I wish them the best and hope whatever health issue is they are facing they can recover quickly.
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