Marlin Model 60 FTC - failure to chamber

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    Hi All!
    My Dad's old Model 60 has been sitting in the corner all crudded up for years. Decided to restore it. Hell, the bolt wouldn't even move because of the crud inside.

    Tore it down, cleaned the heck out of it and about the only thing I didn't tear apart were the extractors (but I cleaned 'em and the bolt - and every moving part in it - looks brand new now). Even found a literally un-used lower action on Ebay (it didn't even have a piece of dust on it and the "feed throat" - as they call it - is as shiny as mirror). Cleaned, polished, lubed EVERYTHING and took it to the range. Shoots like a dream. As soon as I got it sighted in, the little bugger allowed me to shoot 3 - 4 inch groups at 25 yds. What a sweet little rifle!

    It's an "old" model tube-feed (14-rounder). And yep, I found a couple of extra feeder tubes on ebay as well as another from Numrich and tweaked the locking pins on the ends so they all fit nicely and lock in. Cleaned 'em up inside with a little Hoppes and lightly oiled them too. I removed the pins, tore the front sight and the feeder tube and cleaned and re-worked all that when I tore it down. It went back together like a dream a feels good.

    Cleaned out the inside of the barrel and the receiver, smoothed things out, carefully cleaned the extractor slots on the side of the barrel with solvent and toothpicks. I gave her a serious re-build. Picky as hell about everything that went back in. Replaced almost every part with newer/better pieces than I pulled out of it and have almost a whole "left over" rifle from the effort.

    BUT - Problem is, almost every reload, the first cartridge won't chamber. Seems to get stuck "nose up" or "nose left" or "nose right" almost every FIRST round. After I clear it, I can fire and re-fire at will. Sometimes I have to eject a whole bunch of rounds and start over before she'll settle down and fire nicely, but when it gets down to business, it fires and re-chambers and ejects flawlessly.

    I'm at a loss as to why the first (manually) cartridge chambered ends up skeewampus while all the subsequent rounds automatically chamber and fire perfectly. I'm tempted to clean up the old action (the one I removed) and put it in instead of the pristine one that I found on ebay and installed.

    I've looked at the "feeder spring" , the ramp, the entire path the cartridge travels, and other than the usual semi-sloppy machining inside of these old Marlins, it looks like a brand-new rifle.

    I had a bunch of crappy old Peters .22 LRs at first, and it didn't particularly like them, so I switched to brand-new batch of Centurion .22 LR rounds that I bought from Sportsman's Guide and it worked a little better but still pretty much jams on every first round chambered. I'm letting the bolt go as quickly and cleanly as I can (and the whole path inside the receiver's as clean and smooth as steel wool and Hoppe's can possibly make it.....

    Anybody else have any ideas before I put the old parts back in and take 'er back out to the range?


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