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My Marlin 917V with a BSA Sweet 17 Scope and a Rocky Mount bipod Now including a pictinny rail mounted bipod that has all hardware.
I have Maybe 600 rounds down the tube (if that)

As bought new:
Butler Creek Scope Caps
$500+ spent (plus or minus a couple of bonez)

All of that will go with it.
here's the photo part:

View attachment 204921
Sorry, the lunch box and water jug do not come with it

Price: $475 $450 $425 $400 $300 Must sell! (comes with all HMR related gear, I believe I still have the box for the gun/scope and all papers for gun/scope.

Feel free to PM me, or email me <broken link removed>

Couple of extra details on the HMR: I did the "pen spring mod" .. look that one up for details, polished internals for a smoother trigger pull and crisper break. No shortcuts taken and does not have a hair trigger.
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Thread opened modified and....

bumpity bumpity bump to the tippy tippity top!
Bumpity bump bump.

Lowered price... (yes again) need to make it gone...

Was: $475 then $450 then down to $425 and now it's sitting at $400 and that's as low as I want to go.... I think...

I'm tired of sleeping on the couch after the AR purchase....

I also have around 250 rounds of ballistic tip hornaday ammo that goes with it.
Still have and is sitting in gun safe :)
SOLD: $375 (for all those wanting records)
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