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Marlin 60 22lr recommendations

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by duginsky, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. duginsky

    duginsky Tualatin Active Member

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    Any recommendations for 22lr ammo for this model rifle? I realize that availability is spotty, though I am more interested in what people like to put through this rifle regardless of availability. If you're inclined, I'd appreciate what characteristics you prefer - lead, copper palte, grain, HP/non HP, etc, and any "whys" for your preferences. I am aware of the resources at the rimfire forum as well as many other; just like to get additional information. Thanks!
  2. dtcgc32

    dtcgc32 central oregon Member

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    I have a model 989 wich is the 60 designed after the m-1. it does well with the cci copper plated and the federal bulh pack copper plated. It does not like the cci blazer ammo that is not plated nor does my s&w 22a. I have come to believe that it is all about how ell you clean these guns. Marlin make a great gun but the model 60 must be kept clean to function well.
  3. coyote223

    coyote223 NW Oregon Stamp Collector,,,

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    Best thing to do with a Rimfire. Is get a bunch of different brands of .22. Make a day of it at the Range. .22's tend to be finicky, it's best to find out what it likes. Your gun may not like what someone elses gun likes. Just my .02. :)
  4. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    I believe that the model 60 is micro-grooved, similar the the Glocks. It's a great rifle and I've never heard of anyone having problems with it with any ammo, even with the micro grooves. If I listened to Glock folks, I'd think that any .22lr ammo would clog the grooves, but obviously it doesn't since the gun has been in continuous production that way since about 1960 and many 22's aren't well cared for.

    If you find ammo that has problems in it, I'd appreciate you posting that. :thumbup:
  5. NWPilgrim

    NWPilgrim Portland area Member

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    My M60 likes anything CCI (Blazer, Mini-Mag, etc.) and Remington Golden bullets especially. The M60 works better with a broader rangeof ammo brands and types than any other .22LR I have, incluidng a 10/22.

    The no-brainer is to get Mini-Mags. If you want cheaper bulk then buy one box, try it out and go from there. Generally the semi-autos like the high velocity ammo, like the 33gr-38gr hollowpoint HV best.
  6. bugeye

    bugeye Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Agreed, our similar 795 shoots just about everything, and is the least ammo picky of our three 22's. It is actually less picky than our Savage mark 2 bolt rifle, amazing for a semi auto! It does the worst with the golden bullets but even that is only a few FTF per 100, maybe 1 in 100 with Federal Bulk or Thunderbolts. Never had a Mini Mag FTF in at least 500 shots. when we take newbie shooters to the range I put them on the Marlin first at 50 yards with mini mags to avoid frustration, or bothering me while I'm blasting away next to them. By the way, the FTF cartriges are really defective, they show a good pin hit on the rim and if you put them in again they simply don't fire again, so this isn't the rifle at all. I wish the Savage and the 22a pistol were only twice as picky as the Marlin.
  7. jib

    jib Central OR Active Member

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    I had good results with my mod 60 using CCI Mini-Mags solid and HP, and CCI Stingers. But that was a long time ago and CCI 22lr was loaded warm compared to the competitions, I found that other brands would fowl the action quicker with fast semi-auto cycling.
  8. mattg521

    mattg521 portland.,or Member

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    My newer M60 ain't picky. Likes and shoots the CCI Mini-mags the best. Does really well on Rem. Golden Bullets which is what I usually feed it 'cuz they shoot consistantly and they're cheap (Bi-Mart usu. has 'em for $16)