Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun - Ported, JM Stamp

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    first, this is for trade only! and one trade ONLY! (unless you offer me something worth way more, then maybe).

    I have a JM stamped, ported barrel, Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70. The one I have is blued and based on the serial number, was made in '99. I have read that the '98-'07s were the best made. The ported barrel really helps, its like a .30-30, with a little more "push". The gun has been hunted with, and has a few scratches in the wood and rubs on the bluing. Shoots amazing. Yesterday I was hitting 6" bowls at 50-70yds off hand 9/10 shots, quickly.

    I am looking to trade, for the same gun, just in Stainless. A ported barrel isn't a must, but the JM stamp is! I had a stainless one, then wanted a blued one, so I traded it, now I want stainless, for a not important reason, I want it to match my Super Blackhawk, which is stainless/wood.

    PM me an email address or phone number for pictures.

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