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I have a marlin 336-sc 32 special serial number f-21825 the rifle is in good condition showing some age all original wear no restoration. What year was this rifle made and how many of this model were made also a general value if anyone knows.


SC stands for Sporting Carbine. These were made from 1949-1963. Should have 20" barrel, and 2/3 magazine. Overall length 38".

F prefix designates this as a 1949 gun (first year production for the SC).

It sold new that year for $61.45.

Production statistics for years 1949-1951 are not available.

Between 1952 and 1963, 74,215 guns designated 336SC were made.

Assigning value without seeing the gun is a fool's game. Educated guess for a gun in condition you describe would be about $400. (To a Marlin collector who needs this first-year production gun/model for his collection.) Most value books do add a 10% premium to value for a first year gun.

Hope this helps. Source: Marlin Firearms: A history of the guns and the company that made them. Lt. Col. William S. Brophy, USAR, Ret.
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