Marlin 1895GS .45-70

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    Here is a nice used (kinda) 1895GS in .45-70. I bought this gun used but it appeared to be new. Reputable shop I bought this from states the previous owner had a habit of buying guns, shooting a box of ammo and trading them in on new stuff. Apparently with this one I did the same thing. Buddy had a .45-70 and I wanted one for a long time. I put a total of 12rds through the gun and it has sat in the safe since.










    SS does not picture well. There are no scratches on the receiver just smudges that show up with flash. There is a scratch in the right hand side of the stock that you can see in the picture.


    I am including 48 rds Hornady FTX and 12rds of the brass all inclosed in 2 boxes.

    $725 OBO

    Now for the fun parts. I work out of town. I will make any reasonable arrangements to meet up to make the deals. Spokane and Yakima are easiest for me. I can make arrangements to get them to the Seattle or Vancouver areas fairly easy. Depending on when deals/payments can be made it MAY take up to 2 weeks to finish the deal. If this is a problem then please don't try and make a deal with me.

    If you have an questions please just ask.

    Not interested in trades. Of course if you live out of WA it will have to go though an FFL.
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