Marlin 1895 XS Sights

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    I just bought a 1894 in .44 mag and it came with, what look like XS sights (peep rear and tall white front blade), but they have a circle with an A in it where XS has there logo. I think they may be the ones for a 1895 rifle, because the rear is long. I can send pictures by text. I want the factory buck horn rear sight that goes on the barrel, and a gold bead front with hood. These sights I have a very expensive new, but I'll trade straight across.

    Further checking confirmed that these sights are meant for an 1895 rifle, and not the 336/1894 rifles. I would sell the set for $70. They are like new! I can text pictures.
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    So I am curious are they mounted on your 1894 or did the guy give them too you loose?

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