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How much of what caliber?
So far I’ve mostly focused on counting out my 223/556. I have 2,000 packaged in bags of 250. I still have 9mm (about 350-400) and a little bit of 40 s&w, 45 Auto, 10mm, 38 SPL, 300 BLK, 308 WIN, and 30-30. I am really trying to get it all counted out ASAP so plz be patient
Ok if anyone is still interested here is the full list.
2,000 mixed 223/556 $25 per 500
400 9mm $20 for all of it
60 10mm $10 for all of it
95 300 Blk $10 for all of it
60 308 Win $10 for all of it
Locking this thread.

OP has an ad up in the classifieds for .223/5.56 brass.

OP may create a NEW ad FOR OTHER brass, or update his existing ad to include other brass.

This is not the classifieds section...
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